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3 Ways Blended Learning Enhances Process Improvement Training for Colleges

Colleges constantly look to provide Process Improvement training to meet the needs of surrounding businesses. Implementing a blended learning approach can help colleges scale and serve as a resource for businesses. Here we highlight the successes our customers have achieved partnering with OpusWorks to sell and deliver process improvement training to their clients. Leggi tutto


The Importance of Training to Maximize ROI

You are only as strong as your weakest link ? a saying that can be applied when thinking about your company?s current performance and its potential. Training programs are a way to invest in your people to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools needed to perform their best. When your people learn how to work smart and efficiently, you will see return on investment.Here is why you will maximize ROI from training: Leggi tutto


How to Align Priorities with Process Improvement Initiatives

All successful organizations have one thing in common. They?re good at creating and operationalizing processes. Most large companies have spent years developing processes and maximizing employee efficiency. Yet what is initially created doesn?t necessarily work in the present moment. If processes were improved by even 25%, how much would your organization gain? Leggi tutto