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In this issue, as we continue to celebrate 25 years of blended e-Learning thought leadership, we especially hope you are inspired by our poem describing Cuyahoga Corporate College’s highly successful use of our all-virtual, blended model, to teach and certify Green and Black Belts.

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Our First Conferences for 2017

Look for us at these conferences

OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2017
January 23-27, Orlando, FL.
At the world's "largest OPEX gathering,", OpusWorks® customer WestRock Corporation – a 40,000 employee manufacturer of packaging products – will explain how their quest for a better way to teach Yellow Belts is morphing into an enterprise-wide deployment of blended learning. Learn More

Workforce Development Institute, hosted by the American Association of Community Colleges
January 25-28, San Diego, CA.
The theme is "Inspiring Innovation." OpusWorks® will challenge attendees to imagine new and innovative ways to train and serve the students, employees, and employers in their communities. Learn More



What’s New at OpusWorks®

Where to begin?? There is so much happening here at OpusWorks®!

You may be aware that in 2016 we launched our Cross Platform module upgrade. These upgraded modules will now play on any platform, including tablets and smartphones. Talk about taking your training on the go! But that is just the beginning of what is on the horizon for our customers and partners. 2017 promises to bring MAJOR enhancements to all areas of our already excellent OpusWorks® system. First, the entire user experience will be enhanced with a slick new interface that can be modified to your exact taste. Instructors, Students and Administrators will all appreciate how we've taken the incredibly complex world of Blended Learning management and simplified the user experience in order to accelerate understanding. Our testing system has been rebuilt from top to bottom. New question types and capabilities will expand the effectiveness of our testing beyond the learning module. The list goes far beyond what is mentioned here, so get ready to be further wowed in 2017!



Cuyahoga Corporate College and All-Virtual Blended Learning for Lean Six Sigma

Teaching Lean Six Sigma in a groundbreaking way…
Their All-Virtual, Blended courses are here to stay!

Ever sat in a classroom where things moved too fast?
Or found the opposite true – as time slowly passed?
Wished you were learning at home in your pajamas?
With travel expense saved for that trip to the Bahamas?

Well, in northern Ohio, where it’s always sleeting and raining,
A brilliant college has found a new way of training…
ALL VIRTUAL courses are the new way to knowledge
And they’re offered in abundance at Cuyahoga Corporate College!

No matter how small a company, and no matter how remote,
No matter how advanced the coursework, or no matter how rote,
All can collaborate, meeting in virtual space,
After they’ve prepared for the classes at their own online pace!

The college is watching enrollments soar,
And even with 169 courses, customers want more!
A partnership with OpusWorks® has made this work well,
Give Carol a call and she’ll be happy to tell…

Carol Dierdorff
(678) 244-5393



OpusWorks® Customer Council Insights about Culture - Virtually

The OpusWorks® Customer Council – facilitated by Joel Ehle, former AT&T Deployment Executive and OpusWorks® customer – is a forum for customers to share best practices and provide input to the OpusWorks® product roadmap.

During the October meeting, Council Members experienced an online discussion process similar to that used for teaching our All-Virtual Green/Black Belt blended e-Learning classes. Roundtable discussions, slides, polling, and break-out room activities – all online, using AdobeConnect – enabled productive conversation about "Culture Change" and 2017 development recommendations. Click here.

During the Culture Change dialogue, Council members considered data gathered from a session held at the PEX/BPM Conference in September, 2016. Members noted that everyone agreed that PI Culture was highly important even though less than 25% felt their organizations were doing a good job of building that culture. The reasons for the gap included: fear of change, poor leadership, and lack of mass engagement.

In preparing 2017 development recommendations, the Council divided into two small, virtual groups. Nonetheless, both identified the need for blended e-Learning designed specifically for Champions, Change Management, and Kaizen Leaders. Interestingly, topics such as Big Data and Design were of minimal appeal.

The OpusWorks® team thanks Council members for their thoughtful participation and wise input. For information about the Council, please contact Joel.

Joel Ehle
Opusworks® Advisory Board and Customer Council Moderator
210-268-2994 (Cell)
903-872-8925 (Office)



Team Member Spotlight

Introducing Dan Gavin

OpusWorks® welcomes Business Development Executive Dan Gavin. With over 20 years of experience in helping clients deploy blended learning, Dan is uniquely qualified to represent our Project Management blended e-Learning series. This 10-module series is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), and teaches the "principles" and "how-to"s" of project management. Please contact Dan to learn more.

Daniel Gavin
Business Development Executive
Office: 865-253-7891
Mobile: 865-387-8599
Email: dgavin@opusworks.com



Student Quotes

Here's what students say about our Blended e-Learning

"I liked the fact that there is so much material included in these modules. Didn't think I would like e-learning but I was pleasantly surprised. I've encouraged many of my colleagues to give this a try. Thank you for the help."

"I was able to go at my own pace and could work either in the office or at home in the evening when meetings prevented me from being able to complete them during office hours."

"This was a great course both content and material. It is great for working professionals who want to enhance their skillset."

"The quality and the related material can be used in real working applications."

"Well organized and easy to follow. Straight forward easy to navigate. Interactive"

"I like the self-pacing so I can move through material quickly if I'm already pretty familiar with the content, and I can slow down when I want to consider things in more detail, or look something up that's on a tangent."

"Information was presented so that audio and visual learners could both benefit. The modules allowed you to pause or go back to a whole different section. I enjoyed them. I would take this type of class again."